Affordable Hacks for Instant Kitchen Makeover

August 10, 2018

Kitchen holds a significant place in your home. This is the place where you prepare food or start your day by getting yourself a cup of coffee. When you give your entire home a makeover, there is no reason you may leave behind your kitchen. Clean and inviting kitchen would mean healthy and tasty meals. Colors and placement of appliances in the kitchen may bring positive energy while cooking. Properly placed utilities in a kitchen would save your time being lost in hunting for things and hence increase your efficiency.
Kitchen Makeover

Here are some affordable kitchen makeover hacks to get well-organized kitchen:

#1. De-Clutter To Make Room for New
Before starting anything afresh, it is important to remove the old and unnecessary stuff. Decluttering the kitchen space before starting the designing afresh will expand the scope of designing. Go through your inventory to segregate the stuff that has already hit the expiry or about to hit the same. Keep a separate shelf for the stuff nearing expiry so that you can use the same before it gets outdated. Decluttering the kitchen at regular intervals would give you a clean place to boost your creativity.

#2. Add Colors by Replacing the Cabinets
Bright kitchen is more inviting than a dull lifeless kitchen. It is always better to have natural light in the kitchen to keep it germ-free and clean. Natural light entering the kitchen can be increased through proper ventilation. By using the light colored cabinets, you can reflect the light in the entire kitchen. If your kitchen is having a dark décor, then it is time to change the cabinet shutters. This won’t cost you much but will be a great way to give your kitchen a makeover in a limited budget.

#3. Add Shelves to Accommodate Anything and Everything
Clutter-free kitchen can be achieved only when you have proper space for everything. For smaller floor space, you can plan for vertical storage with multiple shelves to have right space for everything. Keeping things at the fixed place would ensure that you always have clean kitchen to work with utmost efficiency. Take out time to recognize your storage needs and make room for everything. A tall unit with pull-out shelves would give you convenience while cooking and may take only little floor space.

#4. The Light Effect
Many people ignore the light effect in the kitchen. They work on illumination to keep the cooking area well-lit but usually lack the effects. You can make the difference by including chandeliers and mood lights in the kitchen. It works for the kitchens having cooking islands and quick-serve arrangements. If you have some corner or wall in the kitchen worth highlighting then use the spotlights or focus lights for the same.
Kitchen Lighting
#5. Let the walls speak
Kitchen comprises of appliances, storage, and cooking platform, however if you are planning to have the kitchen that grabs more eyeballs, then you will have to take care of the walls as well. Like all other rooms in your home, you may decorate the kitchen walls as well. Go creative in decorating the walls as the regular wall hangings may not work in a kitchen. Place a hanging board where you can put up the “Chef’s Special”. It will be fun for the family to check this board daily. If there is nothing special then a good quote on the board would also help!

Kitchen is the source of energy. Positive ambiance and inviting decor would bring positive in a food you cook, which would eventually show up in your behavior and thoughts. Define a budget and start working on kitchen makeover now for quick results.

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