3 Antique Persian Carpets To Make A Perfect Dining Room

Most of the people think that only living room and bedroom are important places where we need to decorate. But this is not true, a perfect home is the combination of all places and we need to clean and decorate each place. I am going to tell you about three handmade antique carpets which are “One of a kind”. In this article, I will also tell you that what size carpets you can place in which ways in your dining room.

#1. Dining room Rug: – Dining room is a place where you spend more time with your family and friends. Keep in mind that by investing in an Antique Persian carpet your dining room rug becomes one of a kind. Persian carpet is woven in pure New Zealand wool which is produced through sheep hair and after converting it into wool yarn, weavers weave beautiful rug. Each and every Antique Persian Rug is made entirely by hand. Therefore, no two Antique Persian Rugs are exactly the same. These all are “One of a kind” carpets. If you are looking for a rug which you want to put in your dining room then the ancient Persian rug is perfect carpet for the gorgeous look. These carpets can work perfectly with any decoration theme perfectly and unique style will make your dining room stand out. Here are three dining room rugs, beautiful antique Persian rugs, for you to choose from:

#2. Tabriz Kashan Vintage Carpet: This antique Persian Tabriz rug’s color scheme includes red, purple and green. These colors, lend an ancient and classic look while the center of the Tabriz design draws the eye with light purple in medallion style. Because of its coloring and elegant border design, this rug is well suited with dining room tables.

Floral Vintage Afghan Carpet: – This Floral Vintage rug is simple and elegant. The ground of this carpet is in the light color so that it can represent pink and blue flowers. The central area specially arranges leaves and flowers while the trees and floral motifs are depicted in the border. This is woven in wool and cotton material. The warp is in cotton and weft is in the finest quality of wool. Light color theme of this rug makes it perfect to match with a carved wooden dining table. There is no doubt that the border of this magnificent carpet will create an elegant look with the best and complimentary way.

#3. Afghan Chakra Antique Carpet: – This afghan chakra carpet is hand woven in hand knotted technique and contains Chakra design pattern. This design is originated from Kashan which is situated in Persia. The center of this carpet contains chakra design with the intricate design pattern. This is 100% hand washable carpet so you can wash it at your home.

Best way to use the rug in the dining room: – You can use a handmade rug according to the size of your dining table and chair. If you want to cover the entire space then you should take a large area rug. If you want to put the table and chair on the carpet then you can take a medium size carpet. If you have a round dining table then you should take a circular handmade carpet which covers the furniture space.

So follow the above ideas and give a new look to your dining room with your living room and bedroom.

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