7 Ways to Optimize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Do you have trouble with sleeping? Do you spend your mornings drinking coffee and trying to figure out why you feel so tired even though you slept enough? Are your neck and back constantly in pain, so you end up waking up more tired than you were in the first place? All these are the symptoms of bad sleep, which is caused by inadequate sleep conditions.
 7 Ways to Optimize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep
The reasons behind these are numerous. Some of the most common ones include inadequate beds, too much light or noise in the bedroom, and even the colors and the room temperature.
If you wish to find out how you can change your sleeping conditions by changing things around the bedroom, keep on reading.


Many of us keep all kinds of things around the bedroom, from our clothes to photos, books, and spare furniture. This might not seem like a big problem at first glance. However, if the space where we should rest is cluttered, we might feel inexplicably nervous, or experience uneasiness, and in some cases, even claustrophobia.
You can change this by opening up the space. Get rid of all the unnecessary items, such as numerous pillows, clothes, and even chairs and tables. If you have a thick wall-to-wall carpet, consider removing it since this might help the room to breathe.

Put out the lights

There are people who can’t fall asleep unless there’s some light around. In those cases, a dimmed lamp will do the trick. However, for most of us, it’s essential that we sleep in a dark room in order to fully rest. This happens because of the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which, basically, controls the inner clock of our bodies. In simple words, when we’re sleepy and there’s a lot of light, this part of our brain is confused and it has a negative effect on the quality of our sleep.

Get rid of the gadgets

It’s scientifically proven that sleeping around electronic devices can interfere with sleep and rest. Therefore, try finishing all the work and conversations before bed, and leave the gadgets in another room, or at least out of reach. It will surely improve the way you sleep.

No room for TV

Lots of us like to be lulled into sleep with the TV in the room. This is because it emits soft buzzing that helps us doze off, but it’s actually extremely unhealthy and interferes with sleep quality. An alternative solution would be getting a white noise machine that has the same calming effect, only without the harmful part.
 7 Ways to Optimize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Keep it clean

Let’s face it—we don’t always change the sheets so regularly. This is okay sometimes, but try being regular with it since fresh, clean, and pleasant smelling bedding can really improve the quality of sleep.
Keep the air in the room fresh as well! Aerate it regularly – 20 minutes up to half an hour few times a day, letting in a large amount of oxygen-rich air. If you suffer from allergy or asthma, opt for the best air-purifiers that will remove contaminants from the air and help you bread easier.

Think of the bed

An optimal mattress life is around eight years. If yours is way past this age, you should consider changing it for a new one. Over time, a mattress loses its firmness and the ability to support the body, and not to mention all the germs. When looking to buy a mattress, look for the hard ones for the best results.

Temperature matters

Although you may like sleeping in a very warm room, this is not advisable in order to rest. It’s always better to take an extra blanket than to sleep in a hot place without any. You can optimize the temperature with an air conditioner, a ceiling fan, or by purchasing cooling bedding.
As you can see, if you have sleep problems, it’s probably nothing wrong with you. Try changing some things around the bedroom, and you’ll see it will get better right away. 

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