Better Laundry Cupboards for Home Improvement

The laundry rooms have a vital role in every home, as the residents can wash their untidy and soiled clothes here, with the help of the latest washing machines. But they need to store all the materials required for washing clothes in some definite spaces so that they can be kept hidden out from the reach of the children of the house. The installation of laundry cupboards serves the purpose of storing all the necessary detergents, soap bars, clothes whitener and liquid starch, in a safe and handy way.
The short floor areas of the modern flats do not permit the space for any separate laundry room, but the creation of inbuilt cupboards can be highly useful in storing not only the washing reagents but also the hangers and clothespins that are used for drying the washed clothes. Moreover, some families store their brooms, mops and even the laundry bags in the taller shelves of these cupboards.

Better Laundry Cupboards for Home Improvement
Laundry Cupboards

Designing of the Laundry Cupboards for Multipurpose Storage:

Besides storage, these cupboards are also used for adding beauty to the home and thus, they need to be designed by competent contractors or expert interior designers who take care of the needs of the house occupants and availability of space in the room.
  • Types of Cupboards to Be Installed: Firstly, the designers check the amount of space that can be devoted to making the cupboards for storing laundry products. If there is enough space available, the cupboard can be extended from the floor to ceiling of the room, so that the family members can store many varieties of articles here, saving much space at home. But if there is a shortage of space, a cupboard is created over any counter till the ceiling above; preferably over the bathroom counters or above the washing machine. Sometimes, the cupboards can also be created under the sinks of the bathrooms till the floor, for storing the common house cleaners. The cupboards with very deep width are more preferred at many homes, mainly if these can be installed as wall cabinets.
  • Correct Use of Paints over Any Cupboard: The cupboards are mostly made of wood and then polished with suitable colors to match the colors of the rooms, where they are supposed to be placed. Often, the designers may remodel an old showcase or a wardrobe of the house to turn it into a cupboard to be used for storing various kinds of items, including those used for laundry works. The shabby look of the wooden body is well polished and all the stains are covered with glaze paints. The house owner can also buy a secondhand cupboard from any such local store and render it a new look. 
  • Installation of Shelves in Proper Heights: Several shelves are usually in these cupboards to allow maximum storage space. The shelves near the ceilings are mostly used for storing rarely used items of the house; like the Christmas decorating items or decorative lightings. A lightweight stool or a folding ladder can be stored in the lower shelves so that the upper shelves can be reached any time, whenever needed. The larger items of daily use, like the sewing kits or electric iron, even with the folded iron table are comfortably kept on the lower shelves with larger spaces.
  • Doors of The Cupboard Shelves: As the main purpose of these cupboards is to hide various utility items from the views, the doors are generally made of lightweight wood.  Mostly, a single large wooden door with an only panel or two panels is used for covering these store cupboards. But some people prefer separate sliding doors for each shelf, to ease the process of opening the cupboard. In a few houses, at least one shelf of the cupboard is given a glass door, so that it can act as a showcase as well, storing vases and showpieces.

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