A Guide To Electric Gate Automation Selection

If your front gates have seen better days, rather than repainting, perhaps it is time to replace them with an automated pair? Electric gates are not only more convenient, they take the hard work out of an opening and closing the units, and there are several types on the market, which we will outline in this article.

A Guide To Electric Gate Automation Selection
#1. Sliding Electric Gates
These are ideal if you don’t have too much room, and they can slide from right to left or left to right, and with an established supplier of electric gates Shrewsbury homeowners can rely on, you can ask the company to send an expert to your home, where you can discuss the many options. There are two main types of sliding electric gates; one runs on a bottom rail, while the other is a cantilever system where the doors are suspended from a top rail.

#2. Swinging Gates
Traditional side hinged electric gates are a very popular choice for many UK homeowners, and the actual weight of the gates should never exceed the motor limitations. If you are having a professional company to supply and install the gates, they would recommend the best motor for the job, as they have a wealth of experience in installing all types of electric gating. Swinging gates can be installed in most situations, although one must be sure that a single gate leaf is no heavier than the motor limits.

#3. Articulated Arm Motor
This style of motor is recommended if the gates are large, and the arm operates in much the same way as a human arm, pivoting in the middle. This type of motor can open the gates to 120 degrees, which is more than ample, and the engineers would make sure that the posts are of adequate size and in the right locations.

#4. Back Mounted Arm Motor
This is a more discreet design that is ideal for smaller units, and the supplier would first check that there is adequate space for this system. It is important that the supplier inspects the site before making any recommendations, as there are several factors to take into consideration.

A Guide To Electric Gate Automation Selection
#5. Underground Electric Driver
This is an aesthetically pleasing solution, as the mechanism is invisible, and it is worth noting that there is an extra cost due to the fact that the trench must first be dug out, then some brickwork to create the right channel to house the motor and mechanism.

#6. Emergency Battery
Should you experience a power outage, you can have an emergency battery installed that will automatically power the gates when there is insufficient power from the mains, and this would be an added optional extra and would not be included in the price.

#7. Talk To The Experts
If you would like to explore the potential that automatic gates can offer, an online search would put you in touch with a local supplier, and they would be happy to send an engineer to your property, where you can discuss the many options. The materials range from galvanized steel to timber, which allows you to choose something that is in keeping with the property.

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