Major Things to Consider While Choosing Pool Heating System

Houses with swimming pools need special maintenance to keep the pools clean to enjoy summer months. But what about the cold season? Many want to take advantage of swimming pools throughout the year. For this, the pool heating system has become very popular so that people can enjoy a bath in the pool even when it is cold.
Major Things to Consider While Choosing Pool Heating System
Pool Heating
The two most common types of pool heaters are Gas-fired pool heaters and Electric pool heaters. So, let’s learn about these two types of pool heating system.
Gas Fired System
This type of heaters is widely used to heat swimming pools and there are lots of heater models available in the market that has effective features and great performance. But it depends on the location of your house and the climate whether it will be the best pick.
Gas heaters work on either propane or natural gas. When the pump inside circulate the water, the pool water passes through a filter and then to the heater. It is then the gas burns inside the combustion chamber and heats the water. This mechanism is most effective when you have a smaller pool and you need to heat water for a shorter span of time. It will be a nice fit for those who do not use swimming pools often. With proper installation and maintenance, one can enjoy the efficiency of gas-fired pool heaters. As they need complex repair works, it is always advisable to hire a professional pool maintenance service provider.
  • Affordable
  • Can operate independently
  • Quick heating
  • Operation is expensive
  • Not environment-friendly
Major Things to Consider While Choosing Pool Heating System
Pool Heating
Electric Heating System
The Electric pool heating system is used by many and is nowadays gaining popularity. It is quite effective when it comes to heat swimming pools in winter. This type of system works as the heater warms the pool water by sucking some amount of water into a tank. The heated water is then pumped back into the pool. This way the water is in constant exchange, keeping your pool at a perfect temperature as per winter.
While this system requires more upfront charges for installation, but you can expect low bills. One of the benefits of such pool heaters is that it works for large water demand. Thus it is good for large swimming pools.
  • Operation is inexpensive
  • Environment-friendly
  • It can operate independently
  • Purchasing is expensive
  • Slow pool heating
Determining the right type of pool heaters is not an easy task. Even after research, it becomes difficult for many to settle for one type of heating system. So, one must need to keep in mind various factors such as heating mechanism, size of the pool, the climate of a region, usage of the pool, cost factor, and maintenance fee. All these are the major factors to consider while choosing the proper swimming pool heater.
If you are planning to get a pool heater installed, talk to a certified professional who will be able to guide and find the best solution depending upon your need. Find the best pool heaters for you and keep enjoying the warmth of the pool bath all year round.

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