The Best 6 Financially Savvy Home Improvements

Every now and then, your house is in need of a facelift that will restore it to its previous glory and make it even better than it ever was. Unfortunately, that is not always a great move for your bank account, since a majority of the home remodeling projects are serious budget-busters. However, there are those you may have not considered yet but can transform spaces with simple budget-friendly solutions. So, here are six home upgrading ideas that will help you enjoy your home as the day you first bought it.

walls Bmakeover

#1. Give your walls a makeover

Do your walls look dated? Do they have finger and scuff marks or dents and cracks? Or you simply are not a fan of the colors currently greeting them? Fortunately, there is an easy way to address all those issues without spending over your limit. A paint job can instantly transform how some space looks and provide a perfect backdrop for further design efforts. Colors from neutral tonal family are not only easier to match with different styles, but they can also make everything look more expensive. Also, if you want to add dimension and amp the elegance – consider a finishing touch of molding.

#2. Change the lighting

Even subtle changes in lighting can change the way how some room looks. If you are smart with your remodeling, those changes can also lower your energy bills, if you opt for CFL or LED bulbs. Décor-wise, installing more than one lighting fixture (wall lamps, floor lamps, task lights…) can accentuate a certain architectural feature, draw attention to an important piece of art or serve as a focal point. New stylish fixtures can also be unique design elements (e.g. retro pendant lamps and Victorian chandeliers). You don’t even have to spend a dime on them, there are dozens of projects that will help you DIY your way out of this.

office table home room

#3. Upgrade your windows and doors

Replacing all your windows and doors isn’t a very budget-friendly project, but you don’t have to go that far. Some doors and windows require nothing but a splash of paint to make them look new again. If you are forced to replace one or more doors, affordable aluminum doors are the best choice, both for your budget and ease-of-installing. If your windows are not double-glazed and you want to make them more energy efficient, installing storm windows is a neat alternative.

#4. Furniture facelift

Nothing makes a room look sadder than worn out furniture, but purchasing all new pieces isn’t exactly something we would call a budget upgrade. But don’t sign off your furniture just yet. In most cases, wooden pieces need nothing more than a sandpaper and paint job combination, and couches, sofas and armchairs re-upholstering.


#5. Boost your storage

You can never get enough of storage, and each upgrade is welcome, from bedroom dresser to kitchen corner storage. Take advantage of a free corner or unclaimed wall and install open shelves (great for books in the living room or cookware in the kitchen) or use wine crates to create shelves with a touch of personality. You can also make multipurpose furniture pieces, such as a window bench or an ottoman with hidden storage.

#6. Add layers

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the interior design books: introducing layers enriches the texture and adds dimension to space, which instantly makes it look more appealing, and yes, more expensive too. To achieve this you will need little to no money at all. Here are a few examples of layering you can use:
  • Put a rug on a carpet (suggestion: sheepskin on wool)
  • Throw a blanket on a sofa arm
  • Mix different patterns (add consistency by using them in pairs)
  • Use fabrics of different weight and texture (e.g. faux fur and leather)…
As you see, it is entirely possible to transform your interior without busting your budget, so give it a try!

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