Top 3 Gadgets That Should Never Miss In Your Kitchen

There are certainly some gadgets in your home that no matter your skill level in the kitchen, you’ll reach for again and again. These tools and gadgets range from groundbreaking invention to the tested and proven classics; they’re guaranteed to simplify your work and the results much better than without them.
Here’s the thing – with lots of connected devices making their way into our bedrooms and living rooms and onto our persons, it was no surprise when gadgets began finding their way into our kitchens.
You can now buy several Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled widgets to assist with your cooking, from app-controlled cooktops to smart Crock-Pots. Some of these gadgets are pretty useless – who even needs a toaster that pings your smartphone to notify you that it’s done even though it typically only takes a few minutes?
Or a smart thermometer, which informs you when your pork roast is at peak temperature after hours of slow cooking. However, due to the fact that you have limited counter space so you better apply wisdom when it comes to adding new tools and gadgets to your kitchen.
Since I spend lots of time cooking, I’m often on the lookout for gadgets and tools that will make life easier for me. There are plenty of things which I couldn’t live without, and I use almost every day.

I’ll share with you the 3 gadgets you’ll always see in my kitchen:

There are several reasons why I so much admire these kitchen cutting boards (technically not a gadget though). 
Firstly, they literally take up no space compared to the formal thick cutting boards we all know.  Secondly, they are super cool and safe because you use a different colored board for various foods: green for vegetables, blue for fish, and yellow for poultry. 
Basically, no chance of cross-contamination if properly used – and I so much love that! Best part, it’s pretty easy to transport cut-up food to a pan or bowl; just hold the board by the edges and funnel the food into the bowl or pan.
So, this is actually one of the tools I can’t stop using in my kitchen, and that’s why I included it here, and even made it number one.
It is really crazy how thoughtfully the June Intelligent Oven is constructed. Whether you’re a professional chef or a complete novice in the kitchen, this gadget will certainly elevate your cooking job. It’s made with 6 carbon fiber heating elements to assist with your baking, toasting, roasting, and broiling to perfection.
Apart from that, it equally cooks your food 25 percent faster than most normal ovens. And, the whole thing was built with safety in mind, so you wouldn’t have to border about blowing your house up.
Interestingly, with this oven, you can do things such as add some minutes to your cook time, preheat the oven – find tasty recipes wherever you are – and also get notified when your food is almost ready. All these right from the June app on your iPad or iPhone (though, it’s still recommended you cook while you’re close to the house). This impressive kitchen gadget is undoubtedly incredible.
“I live in a small apartment with a small kitchen, so any cooking tool or gadget that enters my door needs to be really worth the drawer or counter space it occupies.
And this OXO Scoop has indeed earned its keep. It’s known as the Coffee Grounds Cleaning Scoop, but do not let the single-use name deceive you – it’s actually one of my favorite multi-tasking kitchen gadgets.
For instance, the flexible head and long handle allow me to get deep into the blender or a Mason jar and, of course, a coffee press – in order to scrub out every last bit of sauce or food. And the cool part is that it’s pretty much easy to clean because food slides off the silicone.
Bonus Kitchen Gadget: Hurom Slow Juicer
Let’s be honest; I’m not entirely the juicing type of person – cheese, egg, or bacon is way more preferable for me. However, in an attempt at a more balanced diet, I got one of these…and I ended up becoming very much obsessed.
Furthermore, this tool gets every last drop of juice out of any veggie or fruit. Better still, you can decide whether you want a coarse or fine strain (I prefer mine very fine, and this makes a super-doper smooth juice).
And did I forget to state that the rose color looks stunning on just about any countertop? You’ll indeed have to make a bunch of use of it to justify its price tag, but that will perhaps not be an issue once you get started.
That’s it. I bet you have at least one of these kitchen gadgets in your home, especially the cutting board. If not, you really have to consider getting them as they will consequently make life easier for you.

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