Top 5 Dark and Modern Kitchen Designs Ideas

When people think of kitchen designs, most would tend to create a mental image of light, colourful and bright palettes. But why stick to the standard look when you can opt for something more elegant and exquisite? Modernly dark kitchen design is the perfect way to go for when you want to create a sophisticated look in your space.
Top 5 Dark and Modern Kitchen Designs Ideas
Kitchen Designs

Here are some designs you could take some inspirations from:

#1. Blend It with Marble 
If you have the money and space capacity to incorporate a marble piece in your kitchen, then we highly encourage you to obtain this timeless piece. Pair the sleek elegance of marble white a matt black background for a dramatic black and white look. Monochromatic spaces never go out of trend!
#2. The Centrepiece 
If you’re not ready to go for an all-over dark kitchen scheme, which is really understandable because most homeowners want to balance things out and not stick with a single colour palette. If that’s the case, then why not opt for a row of dark coloured cabinets surrounded with earth-toned details.
In this kitchen design, wooden cupboards, white work surfaces, and sleek window splashback really balanced out the whole look– creating an elegantly dark kitchen without looking too overwhelming.
#3. Spectacularly Dark 
Most homeowners may prefer their kitchens to have light aesthetics and bright tones, but this kitchen design stands truly out from the rest because of its dark, dramatic vibe. With its dark wood units, stark black appliances, and brick flooring, the overall look of this room seems to exhibit a bit of mystery and lots of glam.
Top 5 Dark and Modern Kitchen Designs Ideas
Kitchen Designs Ideas

#4. Massive Frameworks 

Clear doors or massive windows frames can easily add a light and airy vibe into any room, as it easily allows natural light to flood the whole place, thus, creating a perfect balance of light and dark without looking too gloomy or dull. Remember, natural light is always the key to making your place look wider and brighter.
#5. Unite Both Spaces 
If your dining area is also your kitchen, maximize its full potential by making it the focus of your home. This works particularly well when you’re keen on entertaining guests. You’ll be surprised at how many people you can fit in, no matter the size of your kitchen. Also, this kitchen achieved the look of sophistication by seamlessly blending in greys, woods, and subtle metallics.
Which of these elegantly dark and modern kitchen designs is your favourite?

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