Top 5 Ways to Create a Real Life Craft Design in Pinterest Board

As one of the fastest growing social media outlets, Pinterest has appealed to a crafty, creative, and curious audience. Loyal Pinterest followers utilize its tools as not only an innovative means to organize projects and passions but also as an easy way to share and compare crafts with other users. While Pinterest is fun and incredibly useful, the inability for users to access the site offline is a considerable drawback. Consider this solution: with the right materials, a few inspirational tips, and some creativity, you can translate the fun of Pinterest into your day-to-day offline activities as well.
Top 5 Ways to Create a Real Life Craft Design in Pinterest Board
Craft Work

#1. Decide on a Design Scheme

While it may seem obvious, you must decide the exact focus of your board prior to getting too far into your Pinterest project. Do you want something that will help you organize crafts and projects or is your board geared towards helping you progress in your job or education? Furthermore, are you looking at something that can help you plan a major event? Knowing the goals for your board can help you determine which design style you should choose and which materials you will need.
#2. Pins or Tape

Once you have a specific board style in mind, you will then have to consider how to attach items to your board. The essence of “Pinterest” can apply to your physical boards with a few greening pins. Just because Pinterest focuses on pinning items doesn’t mean you need to approach your board in the same way. There are also several different kinds of tape you can use, including traditional masking and two-sided tape or more decorative options. Any of these options is a great way to attach items and make a statement if you choose.
#3. Organize with Originality

When assembling your board, you may be tempted to overuse photos and clippings. While a busy board is certainly acceptable, you want to make sure your board is a useful tool, not an obstacle to getting things done. Be sure to organize everything with colored paper or Post-It notes in an organic way to assemble your board to its highest potential. With a little optimization and tweaking, your board can be extremely useful.
Top 5 Ways to Create a Real Life Craft Design in Pinterest Board
Craft Work

#4. Adding the Embellishments

Once you have finished and assembled the essentials of your Pinterest board, it’s time to add your own flair of uniqueness and creativity. In a similar manner to how you would design an online board, your physical Pinterest board should reflect your own style and creativity. This board isn’t just a bland To-Do list, it is a fun and creative way to be organized. Adding some embellishments is a great way to make your board a little more creative. Be more traditional with sequins or ribbons that add a few pops of color, or do something a bit more outlandish with some tiny bows. The only thing stopping you is your own imagination!
#5. Putting Your Board on Display

When your board is finally done, it’s time to put it on display. Make sure you set it in a highly visible spot so it will grab your attention. Don’t be shy about using crafty floral pieces to help it stand out and make it a true fixture. For hard-to-find crafting materials that you can use to embellish your new Pinterest board, online party supply stores such as Paper Mart can help provide you with quality products at discount prices. You worked hard on your Pinterest board, so let it work hard for you. Reward your effort by showing off your board with pride before you begin your next project.

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