Top 7 Tips to Choose an Air Conditioner for Your Home

Increasing economic growth has enabled people to enjoy a better and luxurious standard of living. Air conditioners which were a mark of status once are quite common in every middle-class family due to a higher standard of living in a metropolis as well as small cities.
Introducing efficient technologies, healthcare and energy has led consumers to know more about their necessities offering them to choose from a huge range of brands and products. “Energy Efficiency, Healthcare and Innovations” are the three commandments that conduct the consumer buying in 2014.
Highly energy efficient five stars rated ACs are now being launched by different brands which include excellent features based on climatic patterns, market trends, health conditions, and consumer feedback. The new ACs apart from being cooling devices provides modern features like humidity control, purifying air and also works as mosquito repellents for the consumer to enjoy a comfortable sleep.
Top 7 Tips to Choose an Air Conditioner for Your Home
Air Conditioner For Home

Important factors that are considered for the purchase of refrigerated air conditioning devices:

#1. Capacity Of the Air Conditioner: Depending on the floor size of the room for which the AC is required, the capacity of the air conditioner should be based. An average measure states that an area range of 120-140 Sq. ft. an area shall require 1 ton, 150-180 Sq. ft. an area shall require 1.5 ton and 180-240 Sq. ft. an area shall require 2-ton cooling capacity air conditioner.
#2. Energy Efficiency Of the Air Conditioners: An energy efficient model of AC is a must have for today’s rising mercury levels and rising electricity tariffs. Star rated energy efficient also known as EER are provided with the air conditioners. Thus, the device with a greater number of stars shall provide the consumers with lesser consumption of electricity.
#3. Choosing Between Split Or Window AC: Choosing between Split or Window AC is another deciding factor. Window AC is having easy to install facilities while split ACs are quieter, aesthetically more pleasing and better air distribution are provided.
#4. Price Of The Product: Price of the product is one of the most vital aspects. The higher the price, the more features you get and higher the star ratings. There Inverter ACs costs 20% more than the five-star rated split AC.
 #5. Quality Of Air: The quality of indoor air is very important while organizing ACs at home. Thus ACs having good filters is really important to develop a better quality of indoor air.

Top 7 Tips to Choose an Air Conditioner for Your Home
Air Conditioner

#6. Installation: The Window ACs is designed to attach to the windows so they are made compact. Split ACs consists of two parts, a compressor unit outside the house and one indoor unit inside, designed for the improved flow of air. An authorized service center should always be contacted for the installation. Good or bad installation determines the performance parameter of the AC.

#7. Cooling Speed Of The Air Conditioners: An adjustable thermostat (temperature setting) and two cooling speeds and at least two fans speeds should be there in an AC. The consumer can choose to use different speeds at different times.  It shall be beneficial to set up energy-efficient setting for it saves energy while providing the best possible cooling.
If you want to make the refrigerated air conditioning devices retain their best condition, do regular servicing. Servicing makes they perform better and last for a longer time.

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