Top 9 Reasons Polished Concrete Flooring

It is true that unlike various other flooring options like ceramic tiles or hardwood, it will be great if you use polished concrete overlays mostly on every floor. These are used from industrial to commercial and to many residential spaces nowadays. Besides that, many of the construction or home development professionals highly recommend these polished concrete flooring because they are expert in this field and know what flooring system is the best and which environment is the best suitable option for such flooring. 

Here are 9 reasons which might convince you to go for the polished concrete flooring over others: 

  1. High Sustainability and Durability: The durability and the sustainability of the polished concrete floors are much higher than any other available flooring options such as ceramic tiles, linoleum or vinyl flooring. The usual lasting time of the polished concrete overlays on the floor is minimum 10 years with low maintenance and without any breakage.
  2. Eco- Friendly: For the installation and also the maintenance purpose of the polished concrete floors, there is no need for hazardous chemicals to be used. The polished concrete flooring permits nothing like allergens, mildew or mold to be accumulated on its surface. These are also energy efficient as the heat from the sun gets accumulated to reduce the energy consumption. Indoor air improves with these overlays.
  3. Economical Option: Unlike other high-quality flooring options, these floorings are much more affordable. However, based on the total area, the price per square-meter will differ when you decide to opt for the polished concrete overlays. But even though the cost is going to differ from spaces to spaces, it is still lower than the other options. If you are going to do the concrete overlaying on an already existing concrete slab, then it will cost you an even lesser amount of money.
  4. Sophisticated and Looks Aesthetic: If you want a pleasant visual appearance in the interior of your home then these floorings are the best options for you. The high-gloss and smooth look of these will make your home look very sophisticated. Lights reflected in a very appealing manner on these floors make it look amazing and it is best for those who want some aesthetic yet sophisticated look inside their home or office.
  5. Low Maintenance: These are the easiest ones to maintain. For the maintenance purpose and to retain a high-quality glossy look, only sweeping, mopping and sometimes damp mopping is all that is required. With proficient installation and polish, polished concrete overlays require no re-polishing at least for the next 10 years.
  6. Stain and Mark Free: By far the polished concrete floors are the best options that provide protection against all stains and marks. This is the reason that these are great not only for commercial application but also for residential ones. Recently many warehouses and facilities are opting for the polished concrete flooring rather than the other ones as they are the best stain and mark free options that one can easily get.
  7. Ambient Lighting Enhancement: When you choose the polished concrete flooring for the commercial or residential use, you should remember that your interior will lit up in a good way. The shiny and smooth surface of the polished concrete overlays is going to absorb light and the rooms will be illuminated much more than before.
  8. Immediate Use Availability: As there are no chemicals used at the time of installation and polishing, the polished concrete floors are always ready for their immediate service. When it comes to institutions where people are working every hour and are in a hurry, this safety factor is of huge importance there. With concrete polished floors, it can be of instant use without any worries.
  9. No Need for Waxing: For better functionality and appearance, these polished concrete overlays are already polished. There is no need for any more waxing on the surface which is going to save you from the headache of any future maintenance. 

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